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Throwing Knives For Fun

Handle-heavy, blade-heavy, and balanced: These are three kinds of knives used for knife throwing. If you are just getting started with knife throwing, we suggest

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Best Sellers

Extreme Ops

Smith & Wesson SWA24S  7.1in S.S. Folding Knife

$11.64    Tactical Knives

USA  MT-A845BK Spring Assist Folding Knife  3.75in when folded

$10.38   Folding Knife/Pocket Knife

Survival Knife

Mossy Oak 15in fixed blade hunting bowie knife with sharpener & fire starter

$29.99    Fixed Blade

Multi-Use Folding

Grand Way spring assisted folding knife, perfect multi-use knife  7.75in unfolded

$15.99    Multi-Use/Folding Knife

7 piece Tactical Set

Blade Factory – fixed blades, folding blade, throwing axe & knives

$76.99    6 knives, 1 axe

Karambit Style Tactical

Snake Eye Tactical Ultra smooth one hand open, folding knife 7.75in opened

$14.16    Karambit Folding


Multi-Tool Knife

RoverTac Multi-Tool pocket knife w/ screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener & more

$18.95    Multi-Tool/Folding Knife

Bowie Knife

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman fixed blade w/ leather sheath  11.75in overall

$149.99    Fixed Blade

Special Forces

CRKT M21-14SFG Serrated edge blade, Veff serrations, dual hilt, G10 handle 

$57.48    Folding Everyday Carry

Vegetable Knife

Dalstrong Nakiri Shogun Series X  Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel

$119.90    Vegetable Knife  6 inch

Tanto TiNi Straight Edge

SOG Flash II Tanto folding EDC, Black Titanium Nitrade coating

$54.95    Folding Knife   8 inch

Full Tang, fling balanced, paracord wrapped handles with carrying sheath

$39.95   9.5 inches   3-pack


Titanium Coated Blade

GVDV 7Cr17 Stainless Steel, Titanium coated, sharpening whetstone, 7.9in open

$19.99    Folding Knife

Dark Side Ballistics  DS-A014 spring assisted folging knife  4.5in closed

$9.90   Folding Knife

Damascus Style Blade

ALBATROSS HGDK007 EDC  Damascus style blade w/ sandalwood handle

$39.50    Folding Knife

Turquoise Stone Handle

Santa Fe Stoneworks Artisan-Crafted vein turquoise stone handle Damascus blade

$109.99    Folding Knife  3 inch

Exotica Carved Wood

Exotic carved wood & steel handle, stainless steel EDC

$28.50    Folding Knife  9 inches open

Fossil Satin Blade Finish

CRKT Fossil, G10 handle, satin blade finish, ball bearing pivot system, Designed by Flavio Ikoma 

$39.74    Folding Knife  7.69in open

Chef Knives

Henckels Zwilling Pro

Curved bolster encourages cutting with improved precision, safety, & comfort

$149.95    Chef Knife  8 inch

4582/20  Kitchen Workhorse – full tang, triple riveted handle

$143.37   Chef Knife  8 inch


US-made X63 Nitrogen Steel, surgical sharpness, superb corrosion resistance

$199.99    Chef Knife  9 inch

Victorinox Fibrox Pro

Expertly crafted tapered stainless steel that cuts with ease & efficiency

$31.48    Chef Knife  8 inch

Cutluxe Chef Knife

High Carbon German Steel, Ergonomic handle, full tang razor sharp blade

$32.99    Chef Knife  8 inch

Iron King Chef Knife

High Carbon German Stainless Steel, sharpened using traditional Japanese method

$29.99    Chef Knife  8 inch

Kitchen Knives

Stainless Steel Cutlery

Home Hero – 7 piece stainless steel cutlery set

$26.99    Kitchen Knives

Cuisinart 15 piece C77SS-15PK  Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

$44.95   Kitchen Knives

Statement Knife Block

J.A. Henckels International 13550-005  15 piece  Knife Block Set, Light Brown

$117.99    Kitchen Knives

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