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Throwing Knives For Fun

Handle-heavy, blade-heavy, and balanced: These are three kinds of knives used for knife throwing. If you are just getting started with knife throwing, we suggest going with a blade or handle-heavy knife.
Whether you go with a handle or blade-heavy knife, remember this tip: toss the weight and hold the reverse of that. If you’re utilizing a blade-heavy knife, you will want the blade to be tossed first, so you should hold the knife by the handle. If it’s a handle-heavy knife, you will want the handle to be thrown first, so you will hold the blade when you toss.

When knife throwing, you can try a non-traditional hold and release. A lot of individuals place their thumb on the side of the knife to hold it firmly and will release it so that the blade is vertical to the target.
This technique is not the best for two factors. First, it puts your hand in an uncomfortable position, thus avoiding adequate strength in your toss to make the knife stick. And second, when you launch the knife and hold it this way, your thumb can inadvertently trigger it to wobble in the air, making your knife bounce off your target instead of sticking.

As with throwing an ax, the key to successfully throwing a knife is the distance between you and the target. Learning to estimate your distance should provide you with a sufficient range. You want the knife to make a complete rotation before sticking in the target.
Move back one big step, when you’ve found your throwing line, then take another step back and to the left. If you’re left-handed, take an angled step back and to the right.
Your throw line will now be two steps in front of you.
You will want to throw the knife as hard as you can. To successfully throw a knife, you need to toss it with as much velocity as possible.
You should keep your knife horizontal to the target throughout the toss. When you launch the knife, this ensures you get proper knife rotation.
When your throwing arm is completely extended towards the target, release the knife, and follow through. You should always follow through your throw.

The next style is called the professional technique. Just as the name suggests, it’s a method expert throwers often use. To carry out the professional technique, find your throwing distance; typically, it’s about five steps from the target. Stand at your throwing line with your right foot back. Simply, take a step with your right foot and toss. (Obviously, do the opposite if you throw left-handed.)

Utilized mainly in combat situations, the spear or arrow style throwing technique is common. You toss the knife much like you would a spear, so that there’s little or no rotation in the air. The advantage of the spear style toss is that you do not have to worry about the distance you are from the target or evaluate how many rotations the knife requires before it strikes your target.

Throwing knives can be a fun and adventurous hobby. Have fun, practice your technique, and as always, follow safety guidelines when others are around.

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